Saturday, 5 June 2010

Here is a nice big pic of me lol

All about (nooo not eve) Me

How do I feel at this point in time? Very lucky to be here to be honest I couldnt have done this without the support of my sl partner and him/her giving Ms. Anrol Anthoney the L$7000 for me to be here so if you're reading this please let Old know im so appreciative

The academy is just really cool

I am so lucky to be here and if anyones reading this I cant say thank you enough to Old SecretSpy (my sl partner) for paying the L$7000 for me to be here....

It's all going just how i thought it would

I really like my teacher Igusia Mildor she is cool everything is okay which is really nice didnt think this would be this good but thank god it proved me wrong UCWS rocks in my opinion

My new blog continued

I am currently still in class with the rest of the June students omg i cant wait! So excited :))

My new blog

I am currently a student at CWS and i think its a dream come true really cuz i so want to be a model!! Cant wait for the next class :)